Handy Easy Technology adheres to the highest ethical standards for sustainable development and aims to improve the quality of life of all practitioners. The core of this commitment is a business philosophy. For Handy Easy, quality and sustainable development are inseparable: only truly excellent quality is sustainable, and ability to be sustainable symbolizes excellence.

We create sustainable economic development, such as creating value for all aspects of the entire supply chain. In addition, caring for the environment is important. Our machine was produced to reduce smoke, exhausting approx. one tenth than other same-level roasters. We minimize environmental pollution to protect the environment and employees' health and safety and achieve sustainable development at the environmental level. We are also working to solve recycling and minimise waste inside and outside our factory. Building greener factory and minimising our environmental footprint are also major work streams. The sustainable development that Handy Easy Technology insists on is continuous improvement and innovation and responsibility for human society and the environment. These persistence are to balance contemporary development and the future.

Food management certification

In April 2018, Handy Easy Technology passed the safety and health check of the Economic Development Department of the New Taipei City Government. It also passed the 373 pesticide test of SGS Taiwan Coffee Raw Bean and the food mycin toxin test of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, all of which met the regulations. Therefore, the world's first Intelligent High-Tech Fully-Automatic Coffee Roaster factory was set. We are committed to quality improvement and value creation. The above certifications approve the concept and practice of the Handy Easy supply chain and the sustainable development of the coffee industry.

Handy Easy Technology works together with the best team in order to establish close and mutually beneficial relationships. Due to the brilliant business philosophy and the spontaneous dissemination of company culture, we attract like-minded people to work together. Our team have been trained in food hygiene management. We also have professional coffee roasting experts to provide consultation. We believe that the above management plans and systems help to create a good and sustainable business.


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