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We are proud to introduce the world's first new Handy Easy Technology Smart Roaster SR1 which pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. It is a new era in coffee roasting. Our intelligent high-tech roaster gives you the ultimate experience, offering incredibly stable roasting quality, 24-hour nonstop operations, and high efficiency of our intelligent tailored roasting work. With a fully automatic temperature control, the same coffee flavour and aroma can be perfectly duplicated every time. By contrast, the traditional manual roasting process, which is affected by human and environmental factors, results in unstable coffee quality. However, our coffees are not affected by any manual roasting problems, ambient humidity and temperature, and even mass production. Therefore, you can worry less about the coffee quality. In addition, with the use of electricity only without the need of gas and thermal power, it can run 24 hours nonstop which increases the efficiency of our roasting work.  The quantity of output is 1 pound per minute per roaster.


We offer stable superior bean quality and intelligent fully-auto roasting. We're happy to customize what we do to your needs. We invite you to visit our office to experience our roast works and taste our coffees. Or, give us a call or send us a message and we’ll explain more details to you.


We understand how central coffee and coffee products are to your operations. Dwindling inventories are an anxiety no restaurant needs, which is why we always deliver the products you need precisely when you need them. 

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